Where There Is No Doctor : A Manual for All Reasons

I’ve been engaged in a “healthcare debate” in my head for years.  It focuses particularly on that monster known as Big Pharma.  I have my own special Moment of Hate whenever an ad comes on TV for a miracle suppressant for a symptom, an ad geared to convince you that you have the symptom and need the suppressant.  I’m convinced that medical researchers are too lazy to seek real long-term cures for our major killers such as heart disease and cancer, instead rushing through trials and patents on symptom-suppressants—because that’s where the big money is. Continue reading “Where There Is No Doctor : A Manual for All Reasons”


Guinea Fowl: Something Different in the Garden

An exotic and perhaps odd-looking breed of poultry, the Guinea Fowl, is fast becoming not just the friend of the poultry farmer, but a friend of the avid gardener as well. These solid colored birds, weighing in at no more than 4 ½ pounds apiece, hail from the Sub-Saharan regions of West Africa. The domestic, modern stock has originated from the wild breed of Guinea Fowl (nuneda meagris), found as far south as the Eastern Cape Horn Regions of W. Africa. These domesticated fowl are found now in every region of the world. Continue reading “Guinea Fowl: Something Different in the Garden”

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